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Dona Dona Dóna`M

Víctor Peña

EDITORIAL: Eje Ediciones.
AUTOR: Victor Peña
GÉNERO: Theatre Play
COLECCIÓN: Didascalia
TAMAÑO: 14 x 21 cm
ISBN: 9788493595647
PRECIO: 5 € + G Env €.

"DONA DONA DÓNA'M" author Leon Victor Peña is an intense drama about women and their desire to excel away from any moral argument to use, which subtly combines a poetic text with a daring and profound theatrical language that defines itself by the same author as "schizophrenic realism." "Dona Dona dóna'm" is the story of a group of women who pass through his childhood memories while having fun dreaming about their future. Over time their lives have changed, dreams have become a reality that denies them their dignity and presents an uncertain future. Lost and humiliated, they seek help they do not get. But another possibility, prostitutes while waiting something better will happen to them, but only, get a job miserable. Are left to their friendship. Then try something new, separate and go in search of their dreams. There is nothing to lose. The work was premiered on March 10, 2008 at the Auditorio Ciudad de León.
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